Call of War: The Excellence of Strategy Games?

Have you ever imagined what you would do if you were living during the World War II?

Or better yet, if you had the control of one of the nations at that time?

Well, you don’t need to imagine it anymore.

We won’t give you a time machine to go to the past. And you won’t incarnate back in the 40s as one of the leaders of the time.

But how about playing a game that gives you the taste of being one?

That’s where the Call of War game comes to action.

About the game

Call of War is a MMO simulation and strategy game that takes you back to the World War II and gives you a power to change how it went.

It was created by Bytro Labs, a German game developer which believes that they are creating one of the highest forms of art. Their mission is to bring strategy to the people. And Call of War is one of the examples where they do just that.

You get to control one of the nations and make all the decisions as the real leader would. Conquer towns if you like. Make alliances. Or enemies. Improve the economy of provinces. Or destroy them completely.

Same for other players. You never know how they will play and whether they want to help you or destroy you.

It’s up to you and other players which way the events of World War II will turn.

Call of War features

Call of War is an exceptional game indeed because at a time you can have up to 100 real opponents. Your units move in real-time. Plus, it has many scenarios because it’s up to you how you will lead your nation throughout the war.

The game is very accurate historically: troops, maps, weapons and everything else in the game are based on the historical equivalents. But you don’t need to follow the decisions that were made in the 20th century. You can make your own. And win. Or lose.

Moreover, the game is free. You can play it on your browser or download the app for Android or iOS devices.

Game reviews

The description of the game sounds impressive, doesn’t it? That would definitely make it the excellence of strategy games as we mentioned in the title.

But is it, really?

If you check the ratings and read the reviews by players, you might think differently. They are very mixed. And while advertising often lies, players don’t.

The greatest gift for some and the biggest worry for others is the possibility to buy more gold.

If your finances allow you, you can spend your real-life money on the game. More gold means you can research weapons, transport and armour, build bases or barracks, recruit spies, and a lot more way faster. And if you are not stupid with your strategic decisions, it can help a lot to advance in the game.

But if you don’t want to spend money, no matter how good your strategy is, it might take a lot longer to reach your goals. And meanwhile, someone with more cash can destroy you.

This is the reason why the game is criticized so much.

Is that reason good enough? You tell me.


Call of War is a game with a great potential and any fan of strategy MMO simulation games would enjoy it. However, the excitement can become a bit bittersweet if you end up on the map with players whose credit cards are limitless.