Cleopatra Slots Game

Cleopatra Slots Game: Overview and Features

Designed by company known in creating software casinos all over the world, International Gaming Technology (IGT), Cleopatra Slot is a widely popular slot game with a sequel which is the Cleopatra II slot game.

Cleopatra online slots game, getting from the name itself, is actually a game based on the very famous historical persona, Cleopatra. Known for her beauty, power, and dynamics, the game revolves around the Egyptian queen.

In fact, when you play the game you will notice how the creator incorporated the different aspects of Egyptian culture which makes it really fun and exciting.

What Are the Features?

Cleopatra Slots Game Features

With the Cleopatra Slots game, you can easily play as this game is not different from traditional slots machines. The only difference is that the Cleopatra online slots game has 5 reels whereas the traditional slot machines have only 3 reels. To make the game more interactive, it has some touch features. Players get to have 20 pay lines for betting and once a coin is put into the slot, it activates the pay line.

How much is the minimum bet? For one penny, you can start playing the game. Depending on your preference, the maximum bet per pay line is $10. Usually, the range is from $0.10 to $5. What you will like about this game is that you can actually win as much as 10,000 worth of credits.

In terms of gameplay, this is not your ordinary and boring slot machine game as it uses Egyptian elements that make the game more fascinating. You find Egyptian symbols in the reels like for instance the Sphinx, beetle and other hieroglyphics.

Playing the Game

The Cleopatra online slots game is easy to play as it is not different from the regular slots that you can find in traditional and online casinos.

To start playing, you have to insert coins. Every coin you put activates a particular pay line. You will the put your bet for any of these pay lines. The payout will depend on the matched combinations.

To increase your chances of winning, the game has some amazing features like for instance the scatter symbol. This symbol represents the popular landmark of Egypt.

When you see this symbol or any other symbols appearing on the reels, you can actually get a bonus free spin. In any bonus round, you can have a maximum of 180 spins all for free. This can definitely increase your winnings.

Cleopatra online slots gameAnother symbol you have to watch out for is the Wild symbol. Represented by the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, this symbol can actually double the amount of payout given a winning combination. If you can have 5 wild symbols while playing, you will be given 10,000 credits.

With its features and bonuses, there are just so many things to love about this game.