Golf with Friends: The Exciting Play Online

Golf with Friends is a multiplayer golf game. What is impressive about this game is that up to 12 players can play Golf with Friends at once. There are 7 challenging levels in this game, each of them has 18 holes.

Golf with Friends is a game that doesn‘t require any advanced gaming skills. Point your mouse, click, and release. Thus, it‘s great even for beginners. Each user has a chance to join the game whenever they want, and it takes only a few seconds. Also, anyone can become the host of the game.

The concept

Golf is often seen as a snobbish and a pretentious sport. So, when you look at golf-themed games, you’ll see two kinds. Some will try to transfer the most realistic experience as possible. Others tend to take a lighter approach and focus on fun rather than realism.

Golf with Your Friends is exactly that.

It’s funky and challenging. Plus, offers there’s lots of customization. You have a time bank as well as a maximum number of strokes per hole. You can customize the ball shapes and sizes.

Another thing to say about their choice of style is that it also improves the controls. The camera follows the ball at all times, so it’s much more comfortable for fast-aiming. And, trust us, when you play against 5 players, you will want to master this particular skill.

But that’s just the start.

With Steam community and the workshops, more levels and maps are being added. Plus, new modes of play. You may switch to a more classic mini golf round or go absolutely crazy. Like Space Jam crazy.

But don’t worry if none of your friends like golf. You can find Golf with Your Friends players online and join the official server.

Golf with friends – a party hit

Here’s the fun part – all players can play simultaneously. You can easily make it a highlight of the party. This Blacklight Interactive game has been welcomed with open arms. It’s a simpler version of the Rocket League – slower-paced action but just as wild and crazy. Who knew we need more games like that?

Golf with friends bonus – Early Access. If you are interested in the game enough to read the reviews, you should definitely be getting it. As it’s currently in development, you can get it for £5. It’s cheap as chips. If you are looking for even a bigger bonus, Summer Sale is coming up. We’ve seen this game go down to a £3.

But we can guarantee you that the price will go up. If we are talking pure entertainment value, this game should be up there with the superstars like Fortnite.

Here’s the deal. Blacklight Interactive have been very open with what they are doing with the game and where they want to go. Early access only means that the development will be quicker. And, with feedback from players, it’s guaranteed to be something that players want rather than being another hit and miss.

Should you get it? Definitely.