Feel the Absolute Control with Motorsport Manager

Do you have what it takes to be the manager of a motorsport team? In the world of gaming, there are plenty of different kinds of creative and innovative games. They were launched to fit the interests and preferences of diverse players all around the world. If you happen to be both an adventurous gamer and a motorsport enthusiast, Motorsport Manager is the game for you.

Motorsport Manager is a video game that was developed by Playsport Games. It is a relatively small British video game developer.

Motorsport Manager is not just an ordinary video game. It is an advanced racing management and simulation strategy game that people who like motorsport will surely enjoy. The game was first released on iOS in 2014 and on Android in 2015.

More about Motorsport Manager

Motorsport Manager is not the same as many other racing games. It has a lot of amazing features that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

  • It is considered to be the ultimate game for all motorsport fans.
  • You get to express real-time reactions and make quick decisions to win the game.
  • You can customize every detail of the car to boost your performance.
  • Since it is a video game based on management, you can create a topnotch racing team. It can be comprised of mechanics, designers, managers, and drivers.
  • In this game you get to be in the main and the most important figure as you manage and control everything.

How does Motorsport Manager work?

In this video game, you get to manage a motorsport team. It is a very detailed task. You get a chance to try out sophisticated management techniques. This is especially exciting if you are a real fan of motorsport. You can hire drivers too. Depending on how you want your cars to look like, you can actually build them. Also, one of the things that you will probably like about this game is that you will be able to immerse yourself into the dynamic and at the same time fun world of racing.

The graphics that can be seen inside the cars looks very realistic and sometimes even exceeds the real-life view expectations. This allows you to open up your imagination to the world of racing and become a part of it. It makes you feel as if you are a real racer.

Motorsport Manager tips and strategy

Navigating through the game is not that easy. Especially, since there are specific peculiarities that you need to learn about to be able to deliver a good strategy and gain edge over your rivals.

One of the main tasks for you in this game is to assess driver’s potential and their current performance. This is crucial since you need to have good assets that will be a part of your team.

Tip#1: choose the best drivers

In this game you have an opportunity to select new drivers. In your very first season you get one driver. Then every following season you get to select more drivers. This also means that in the second season you can decide if you want to replace the old ones or not.

When choosing a driver, it is very important that you look at the different areas of potential. For instance, you need to look at the skills of the driver. They include overtaking, cornering, and braking. If a driver is not good at any of these areas, it is better to go for another one.

Take your time to assess different skills drivers possess, so that you know which one is the perfect fit for you and which one can help you win the race.

Tip #2: select the best parts

In Motorsport Manager the quality of your car and its performance depend on specific parts. This is one of the main reasons why it is important that you choose only the best parts to increase the car’s reliability and overall performance. When your car is not reliable, you have to stop more often because it needs to go over some repairs during the race. This is something that you don’t want to happen, especially since it affects your time.

The same as with the real-world racing, you should be very careful when choosing the best car parts. After every race some new parts arrive. You need to make sure that you check the bars and see if there’s something you might need for your car.

Tip#3: assess sponsor offers

If you want to win any game in Motorsport Manager, you need to have sponsors. In any race, there are different types of sponsors that you can get for your vehicle. For instance, there are some that offer upfront payments. Others give you bonuses if you reach a certain place or offer per race sponsorship.

There’s always a certain cost of joining any race. So, before you take part in one, it is very important that you have sponsors that will cover your costs. Make sure that you take your time to look at the contract. It is better to go with a shorter contract that provides high amount of sponsorship per race.

Without any doubt, the world of motorsport is fun, challenging, and very dynamic. As a manager, you have to always think ahead and make good decisions if you want your racing team to gain edge over the others. With Motorsport Manager you get the chance to experience what it feels to be a manager and to be in charge of a high-performance team. You get to choose the parts, the people, and other details of your team in order to win.

You can now play this game in any platform. Motorsport Manager is available on iOS and Android. If you want to play it on a bigger screen, you can also play it on your desktop.