Naval Action: The Feel of “Vikings“ in a Game

Naval Action is a game that all players who are fascinated by marine theme should love. Not only it is realistic and exciting, but also explicitly detailed.

Have you ever seen the TV series “Vikings“? Or maybe “Black Sails“? Perhaps “The Terror“? If you enjoyed these, you will definitely love the Naval Action game. For those who are crazy about naval theme, there couldn’t be a better game choice.

Naval Action is a sandbox MMO simulation game introduced by Game-Labs in 2016. Since then it has been both appreciated and criticized by players all around the world.

Naval Action features you shouldn’t miss

Choosing your character. With Naval Action you can take up any role you want. Here are the options:

  • A trader
  • A pirate
  • A loyal countryman

Accurate sailing experience. Those who have been on a boat at least once will confirm that the feeling when playing Naval Action is very real. There’s a good possibility to uncover the potential the vessel has. This happens as you manage to use hidden features of a ship. The way the days change into nights as well as realistic storm experience give Naval Action some additional beauty. The view of sunrises and sunsets is extraordinary.

Impressive ships. There’s no doubt that the Naval Action creators spent quite some time recreating ship models, sails, weapons, historical speed, as well as turning and the performance of heels. A broad variety of different ships allows you to choose the size you want.

Mind-blowing open world. As mentioned before, Naval action stands out for how realistic its graphics are. However, navigating process is done by using the sun, compass, and landmarks. The realistic sound of the wind, moving sails, and sailor screams make this game even more fascinating.

No limitations. On Naval Action you have absolute freedom to build ships, participate in trading, and make your enemies sink. Also, attacks can be made more or less anywhere. However, you shouldn’t forget that each action has consequences. Extensive attacks would make you a pirate, so be careful.  Keep in mind that other captains will do their best to corrupt your plan.

Historically accurate maps. The game is set in the Caribbean in the 18th century. All town names and harbours are based on maps from these times. By playing Naval Action, you can see the world or at least a part of it the way it looked like at that time.

Weapons. Naval Action has most of the guns you’d like to use in a battle at your disposal.

Things to be aware of before starting to play Naval Action

Battle time. Keep in mind that each of the battles can take around 20 min or more of your time. As users’ opinions vary, some see it as an advantage, while others think it’s way too long.

Customer support. It’s a pity, but there is very little information provided by the creators of the game that you can read before playing.

Thus, this may result in making painful mistakes. Also, there’s no one to ask questions about the game if you have any. Hopefully, eventually this will change.