Warframe Promo Codes: Get All You Deserve

In this article we are going to share the newest Warframe promo codes for you to use. Everything you need to know and more will be provided in thus brief overview.

What is Warframe?

Without any doubts, computer games are popular as ever. It seems that everybody is playing. Warframe is one of those games that become popular not that long ago and is still chosen by many gamers.

Warframe is a third-person shooter. It is free-to-play and can run on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. Warframe was developed by Digital Extremes in 2013. It can be played by a single-player or multiplayer. Gamers all around the world love Warframe because of the combination of action and mission complexity it can offer.

Where to get Warframe promo codes? That’s a question many would like to ask. Below we are going to provide a list a clear guide.

Some facts about Warframe currencies

Currencies used:Credits

  • Ducats
  • Standing
  • Platinum

All Warframe currencies except for Platinum are earned as you play the game. You cannot use real money to purchase them.

How is Warframe Platinum different?

Platinum is the most important premium currency used in Warframe. You cannot buy Credits, Ducats, or Standing with real money, but you can buy Platinum. Moreover, Warframe Platinum can be traded. One platinum amounts to $0.067. However, Warframe Platinum promo codes do exist too.

How do Warframe promo codes work?

NOTE: In the age of the internet, everything is changing at an enormous speed. Remember this when you try to find and use Warframe promo codes. Those that used to work a week ago might be invalid today. And this is totally normal. So, keep this in mind and don’t forget to search for updated Warframe free promo codes every once in a while.

Important: in most cases the way Warframe free promo codes work strongly depends on your account. Don’t forget that they can also be used only once. Thus, it is recommended to try out Geneator Tool. It will help you generate credits, platinum, and some other tools/resources.

Where to enter Warframe promo codes?

This couldn’t be easier as you can enter Waframe free promo codes following this link.

Promo codes do expire. It is also important to mind the platform your account is tied to when you log in.

Warframe promo codes to take advantage of

  • BC98-AB89-0FBB-AB52 – get 750 Platinum
  • D063-6D1A-D17A-2F7D – get 750 Platinum
  • FREESWORD – get 5k credits and a free weapon slot (keep in mind that if you have some unused ones, you won’t get a weapon slot)
  • SpaceNinja – get 20% off when you purchase Platinum online. This is one of Warframe free promo codes that can’t be used together with any other offer.
  • TENNOSKOOM – get Eagle Mod pack for free. (This is a limited time offer)
  • TwoGrakata – get a free credit or affinity boost for three days
  • VoidCrystal – get a free Booster for three days

Why is it a good idea to use Warframe promo codes?

Warframe is one of those games where you can earn plenty of in-game currency yourself. It helps you develop your character and purchase additional items. And yes, it is the main way to play the game. There are many players who choose to work hard and earn everything themselves.

Another way is to purchase Warframe money with real money. Yet, this way requires investment some of us are not willing to devote.

This is where Warframe promo codes come in handy. They can make your life much easier. Now that you know where to get Warframe promo codes, you can take full advantage of all the goodies the creators of the game have in store for you. If they’re out here, why not use them, right?

It isn’t only Platinum that you can receive. Warframe free promo codes allow you to unlock items that are crucial in completing your game missions.

What should I do if my Warframe promo code doesn’t work?

Contact Warframe customer support that is always ready to answer all your questions.  These guys are very good at what they’re doing. Thus, it doesn’t take long to receive a response with a clear explanation.